digital pattern

This pattern is a reproduction of a beaded silk bag from a magazine published at the turn of the 20th century. The description of this project reads:

“This is an exquisite bag, and intended for a dressy bag. It can be made of dark blue silk with steel beads, and the bag, when finished, should measure about 8x12 inches, including a one and one-half inch hem at the top, through which the ribbon is run.
If one can not get the beads it would be lovely cross-stitched on dark blue taffeta, with six-strand gray floss.
Or made of brown taffeta, cross-stitched in a soft tan embroidery floss. The worker can either work over canvas for cross-stitching that measures 10 squares to the inch, or 12 squares to the inch.
If working the 10 squares, as the beads would take, use in cross-stitching, 6 strands of floss. If on smaller canvas, 12 to the inch, use 4 strands of floss.”

About Digital Patterns
This product is a digital PDF file for you to save and print at home. It includes a pattern sheet and a list of threads and materials with instructions. It is not a kit, and does not contain any work materials. As a digital product, it is non-refundable.

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