Photo of Irina Stepanova

Hello! I’m Irina, a designer and artist, living and creating in beautiful Maryland. The Oak Lane Cottage was named after an old brick house I used to live in. It was a sunny and peaceful home, a refuge of sorts, where I could have some quiet time to design, stitch and lose myself in the world of vintage embroidery and textiles.

I grew up in Russia around fabrics and sewing, but I didn’t embroider until I found a suitcase with my mom’s and grandmother’s linens and whitework. I learned how to stitch, and haven’t stopped since.

I love antiques and old textiles, and some of my patterns are based on antique designs. My original patterns are inspired by travel, nature and our cultural heritage. My hand embroidery kits are often made with a mix of antique, vintage and modern supplies, making your finished work truly one of a kind.

I design most of my kits with a mix of antique, vintage and new materials. I love the softness of fabrics faded with age, threads in tattered wrappers and pretty ribbons — as well as giving them a new lease on life. Each kit is created with love and is often inspired by antique needlework. The supplies in your kit may be slightly different from what you see in the product photos. This means that your hand stitched piece is as unique as you are, unlike any other in the world.

Thank you for stopping by!